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Cremation Urn Families

If you have ordered the Simply Cremation package, you will receive a temporary urn. If desired, you can choose a permanent urn from this page.

Click here if you do NOT want to buy a permanent urn.

The majority of the urns sold by Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation are group into families of sizes: Full-sized urns hold all of the cremains, and smaller Heart Shaped and Keepsake urns can be used as a memorial as well as for holding small amounts of the cremains, if desired. By clicking on the family image or text below the image, you will be taken to that individual family to view and/or select each individual family member urn for purchase. Additionally, some of these urns allow for engraving of a message or a remembrance icon for a small fee -- this is indicated on the individual urn family member's tab area.